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Zip code 351100

Email: onemixru@yeah.net 



1. Warranty Period:  

3 months calculated from the shoe sales documents or invoice date. 

2. Return Policy: 

30 days within purchase and unused, if the products present mismatched, they can be returned. 

3. Replacement:

During the warranty period, the products can be replaced due to the following problems:

1) If the repair the same part of the shoes twice, still can't normally use. 

2) Replacement will be offered if the products appear upper fracture, shoe bottom fracture, and other quality problems during normal use. 

4. The guarantee replacement rights won't be enjoyed under one of the following conditions: 

1) Damages caused by improper use or preservation. 

2) Damages caused by improper operation.

3) Failure to show guarantees card or effective sales vouchers. 

4) Beyond warranty period. 

5. Guaranteed repairs: 

During the warranty period, with valid sales document, free repairs if the products appear shoe unglued, thread off and other quality problems. 

6. Delivery date: 

The parcels will be expressed in 1~3 days. Any question, pls email to onemixru@yeah.net 

7. Courier and tracking number: 

Most of the parcels will be delivered by CHINA POST. Parcels information: https://www.17track.net/en  

Or find the tracking page

8. Invoice Lookup: 

Please find the Invoice Lookup


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